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Booking Fiji Holidays Online

Book Fiji holidays online and go to an exotic destination with over 300 islands.  Fiji holidays are an awesome experience and they suit everyone whether you’re looking for a romantic holiday with your partner or a family holiday destination that caters for the entire family.

When you’re booking Fiji holidays online you will get the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities.  Fiji has something for everyone whether you want to enjoy a slow paced holiday or one with lots of adventure doing different activities you can find what you’re looking for in Fiji.

The Weather

The weather in Fiji is tropical and the temperature hovers between 26-31 degrees Celsius.  The wet season is between December and March in Fiji and you can expect heavy torrential downpours during these months.  The rain hits hard and fast but is generally a brief burst of rain.

The Best Time To Travel To Fiji

The best time to travel to Fiji is between April and October.  The weather drops a few degrees and is very comfortable, this is really important if you like to get around and see some of the islands around Fiji.  Nobody likes doing stuff outside when it’s too hot, especially when you’re on holiday.

Car Rental in Fiji

You will probably want to rent a car when you go to Fiji.  Please not that there is a Fully Refundable F$500 bond required for all vehicles.

If you want to hire a car only for a day then be sure to understand that car rental works on a 24 hour clock. If you return it later you’re not charged for the 1 hour but for a whole 24 hours.

Children’s safety seats are available at a cost of F$12 per day.

What To Do In Fiji

Fiji has a lot to offer the tourist especially if you enjoy getting out and about and sampling what a holiday destination has to offer.

Some people like to just take it easy on their holidays and that’s fair enough but just lazing around by the pool at your Fiji Holiday Resort is a bit of a waste.

The list of things to do is long and endless. Fiji really is a great place to go and visit if you like to do outdoor activities.

Fiji Accommodation

Fiji offers a diverse range of accommodation options for the traveller. Fiji beach resorts and spas are always popular with tourists especially those that go to Fiji for their honeymoon.  Prices are always very affordable and most beach resorts in Fiji have Kids Clubs to cater married couples that take their kids on a family holiday to Fiji.

Fiji holidays for the most enchanting of experiences

When you book yourself for Fiji holidays you are certainly making the right choice for yourself. This is one holiday that is going to bring to you the best of everything. You will have everything that one could ever wish for in a holiday. You can search for Fiji holidays online and find for yourself some of the most competitively priced and best deals.

If you are a discerning traveler then you will like all that Fiji holidays have on offer. Check out the wonderful beaches that you will get to see and walk on. The white sands of the beach and the crystal clear waters of the sea will transport you to another land altogether. There are several different kinds of resorts and villas that you can choose to stay at during your holiday. Fiji is easy to reach as there are several flights operating to it. There are so many different variations of holiday packages that have been put together that you are bound to find the right one out here.

There are so many different kinds of activities that you can enjoy out here that you will never get to hear from anyone in the group that they are bored. You can take yourself to a spa and have an invigorating massage or just sit on the balcony of your resort and watch the sun set as you sip the most exotic of cocktail. You are bound to enjoy the cuisine and culture.